Touring In: Quebec

Craft: Storyteller

Ideal Audience Size: 30-60*

Maximum Audience Size: 75*

Grades: Kindergarten-Grade 6

Special Equipment: n/a


*The space I work in is as important as the audience size. These are intimate sessions for small groups and should be held in library, multipurpose room or a classroom with the desks and chairs moved aside. I am happy to work with as many as fit into a room like this.  Most schools I visit fit 2 or 3 elementary school classes into their library or a multi-purpose room. School gym is not appropriate for these presentations.

Winner of the 2016 Storykeeper Award

Presentation Information

Anne Glover’s World of Story and String

“Profound in simplicity.”

Award-winner and international artist Anne Glover holds her audience breathless as she creates characters out of thin air and weaves stunning shapes out of a loop of string.  Anne uses multicultural tales and string figures from around the globe to highlight diversity and cooperation.  Further, she intertwines the age-old game of cat’s cradle with literacy, bringing stories into the air and the hands.

The show includes a segment of very simple string instruction, and Anne leaves every school and community in a merry tangle of strings and collaborative story-building. This national award-winner plies her mischief and her magic in schools, theatres and festivals around the world. Most of all, in one simple visit Anne creates a community where string stories foster creativity and cooperation across all barriers.  The benefits remain long after her visit.


Publication List

Anne Glover: In the Studio With Monkey (CD)
(Story String Productions, 2004)

How to Make the Dog and other Favorite String Tricks (DVD)
(Story String Productions, 2006)



Anne’s career in the arts and education spans 30 years of performing, teaching, speaking and consulting. Today she travels the globe using her unique string stories as vehicles for literacy, creativity, and community-building. She covers a lot of ground, performing for as many as 45,000 students in a year. Recent tours include Japan, Ireland, Chile, Argentina, Hawaii, BC, Nova Scotia and Romania.

Anne’s work as a performer evolved out teaching ESL in Quebec. After 20 years of touring, she went back to school to study education. Anne was a classroom teacher from 2011-2014. From there she returrned to the stage with gusto, more convinced than ever that stories are the key to everything we learn.



2016 Storykeeper Award (Storytellers of Canada-Conteurs du Canada) for contribution to storytelling in Canada



“Your string stories were amazing.  You had great control and everyone was engrossed in the presentation.  I have never seen anything like this in the 34 years I have been teaching!! All the kids wanted to try your ideas as soon as we returned to the classroom.  How fun!”

—Chris McIntosh, Okanagan-Skaha, 2016

“You were funny. You were so funny I could not breathe because you were so funny.”

—Matthew, Age 8

“We were not sure whether a single person armed just with string could hold an audience.   Anne did so. There were points of complete silence as she held the kids spellbound with her great stories. Fantastic experience for the students and today, I have seen at least 5 different groups of kids on the playground telling stories with string.”

—K. Mahlman SD 46 BC, 2015

“Anne was absolutely amazing – – it was very enjoyable — as a performer — she was so full of energy — everyone that attended truly enjoyed her.  She was excellent.”

—Nova Scotia Librarian, 2016

“The students (and staff too)  were coming up to me all day today showing their own string stories!!  You definitely had a positive impact!! We loved having you!!”

—Cathy McCubbon, Kinnikinnick Elementary School, BC, 2015

“Anne is an excellent performer and she kept the entire audience engaged for the full 45 minutes. She was excellent at handling interruptions (children who want to share stories with her) and making all the children feel involved and special.”

—Amanda Fullerton, Manager, Eastern Shore & Musquodoboit Library Service, 2016