Touring In: Quebec

Craft: author

Genre: picture books, junior fiction, YA

Ideal Audience Size: 25-60

Maximum Audience Size: 200-250

Grades: Grades 3-12

Special Equipment: An LCD projector would be appreciated.

Website: judithsilverthorne.ca

Winner of the 2016 GOLD Moonbeam Award (YA Fiction-Historical/Cultural category)
Shortlisted of the 2016 Saskatchewan Book Award for Children’s Literature

Presentation Information

Who am I? All of my presentations start with a short introduction about who I am, where I’m from, and what I write. From there I gear my talk to the needs of the host and audience, whether large or small, children, youth or adults, or specific topic or presentation needs.

What’s new and exciting? The main portion of my presentation is a combination of reading and providing background information on my newest books, sometimes accompanied by a PowerPoint presentation for an enhanced experience.

Question and answers usually form the last part of my presentation, but this may be interspersed throughout my talks as well. I welcome questions about writing, myself, and related information as I have presented and taught multitudes of workshops. I’ve travelled to various parts of the world to research and write my books, so this might form part of the process as well.

I am prepared to discuss any aspects of the writing process, including the research process, the publishing process, and my life as a writer, such as how I got started, my process in writing, what types of writing I do and why. I’ve written articles for newspapers and magazines, and books in non-fiction and fiction, from picture books to YA novels and plenty of juvenile novels in-between. I’ve also experienced in writing and producing television documentaries, and screenplays, and different fiction genres.

I’m happy to speak to topics being covered in school curriculums or any aspect that will make my presentation relevant to the audience. Advise me of your needs ahead of time and I will be prepared to present the applicable content in an easy, lively, and fun way.

Book List

Ghosts in the Garden (Coteau Books, 2017)

Convictions (Coteau Books, 2016)

Hommage au Bison. Illustrated by Mike Keepness. Tranlsated by Martine Noȅl-Maw. Storyteller: Ray Lavallee. (Les Éditions de la Nouvelle Plume, 2016) [French with Cree translation]

Honouring the Buffalo: A Plains Cree Legend. Illustrated by Mike Keepness. Storyteller: Ray Lavallee. (Your Nickel’s Worth Publishing, 2015). [English with Cree translation]

Ghosts of Government House (Your Nickel’s Worth Publishing, 2011)

The Secret of the Stone Circle (Coteau Books, 2010)

Dinosaur Blackout (Coteau Books, 2008)

Dinosaur Stakeout (Coteau Books, 2006)

The Secret of the Stone House (Coteau Books, 2005)

Dinosaur Breakout (Coteau Books, 2004)

Dinosaur Hideout (Coteau Books, 2003)

Ingrained Legacy: Saskatchewan Pioneer Woodworkers 1870-1930 (Spiral Communications Inc, 2003)

The Secret of Sentinel Rock (Coteau Books, 1996)

Made in Saskatchewan: Peter Rupchan, Ukrainian Pioneer and Potter. (Prairie Lily Co-operative Ltd, 1991. Reprinted by Spiral Communications Inc., 2003).


Judith Silverthorne is a multiple-award winning Canadian-based author of more than a dozen books, many of which are children’s novels, with one translated into Japanese. She also has two non-fiction biographical adult books to her credit, plus one international award winning picture book published in English/Cree and translated into French, and a recently released YA novel. Her series of children’s novels fascinate 7 to 12 year olds, although they appeal to younger and older children, and adults too.

Her interest in writing started when she was ten years old. Back then she wrote little stories and in her early teens interviewed musical bands, and wrote poetry. Since then she has also written several hundred articles and columns for newspapers and magazines and in her spare time works as a freelance writer, manuscript evaluator, researcher, book reviewer, scriptwriter, and editor. She also owned Spiral Communications for ten years, producing arts-related documentaries, doing script writing, and photography, and working in various roles for other production companies, as well as a consultant, for others.

Judith has done at least two hundred author presentations and readings for schools, libraries and communities and has spoken at special functions and conferences for teachers, writers, and librarians. She has also conducted numerous writing workshops, courses and classes and has been a Writer-in-Residence in several elementary schools.

She has curated, managed, and promoted numerous arts events, and has taught English to foreign language adult students. Being on jury duty for arts and film awards and being affiliated with numbers professional writer’s organizations are also among her attributes. She is comfortable doing television appearances, and radio and newspaper interviews of which she has done many. In 2006, Judith won the YWCA Women of Distinction Award in the Arts for her contributions to the arts.

While working full-time as an arts administrator, the Executive Director of the Saskatchewan Writers’ Guild, Judith continues to do multiple readings each year, to work as a creative writing instructor, and to present at conferences. She embraces learning and developing her skills in the craft of writing and enrolls in various specialized professional development courses each year.

Judith has lived most of her life in Saskatchewan, in both urban and rural settings, and this, along with her love of nature, culture, and history, inspire much of her material. She also conducts research that explores ancient and contemporary subjects. While still based in Saskatchewan, she travels about the world acquiring knowledge of cultures and societies, exploring mysteries, experiencing significant events, and the everyday lives of people. Whether it’s investigating haunted locations, parasailing above the Pacific or exploring ancient stone circles and riding a camel across the Sahara, Judith uses her experiences to weave her engaging stories of adventure, mystery, and surprise, and to help shape many of her award-winning books.

For more detailed information, please visit Judith’s website: judithsilverthorne.ca.

Twitter: @jsilverthorne22



  • Winner of the 2016 GOLD Moonbeam Award (YA Fiction-Historical/Cultural category)

Honouring the Buffalo

  • Shortlisted for the High Plains Award for Children’s Literature
  • Shortlisted for the High Plains Award for Art & Photography
  • Winner of the 2016 Next Generation Indie Book Awards ( 6 years and up)
  • Shortlisted of the 2016 Saskatchewan Book Award for Children’s Literature
  • Shortlisted the 2016 Saskatchewan Book Award for Aboriginal Peoples’ Writing (storyteller, Ray Lavallee)
  • Shortlisted of the 2016 Saskatchewan Book Award for Aboriginal Peoples’ Publishing (Your Nickel’s Worth Publishing)
  • Winner of the 2015 Silver Medal for Environmental Issues, Moonbeam Children’s Book Awards

Ghosts of Government House

  • Shortlisted for the 2013 Diamond Willow Award (SYRCA)

The Secret of the Stone House

  • Shortlisted for the 2005 Saskatchewan Book Award for Children’s Literature

Dinosaur Hideout

  • Shortlisted for the 2005 Diamond Willow Awards (SYRCA)

Dinosaur Breakout

  • Shortlisted for the 2004 Saskatchewan Book Award for Children’s Literature

Dinosaur Hideout

  • Winner of the 2003 Saskatchewan Book Award for Children’s Literature

The Secret of Sentinel Rock

  • Winner of the 1996 Saskatchewan Book Award for Children’s Literature
  • Shortlisted for the 1996 Saskatchewan Book Award for Publishing in Education
  • Shortlisted for the1996 Geoffrey Bilson Award for Historical Fiction for Young People

Praise for Judith Silverthorne

“From a teacher’s perspective, I find Ms. Silverthorne to be an engaging and down-to-earth speaker. She is personable and approachable. My students were interested in suggesting ideas to her for an upcoming sequel and they were riveted to hear her answers about both the story itself as well as the writing process. Ms. Silverthorne, while knowledgeable, at the same time relates to children right where they are at the level of their maturity and is able to gauge the crowd quickly and respond accordingly. She is obviously open to their ideas and suggestions and they sense that she appreciates and values them.”
—Mrs. Lori Burton, Grade 4/5 Teacher, W.S. Hawrylak School (Regina, SK)

“Judith’s presentations were concise and directed to the students – not over their heads.  Everything presented was according to curriculum. The excellent PowerPoint presentation increased the awareness level of the listeners. The students were captivated by her readings, and showed deep interest in her subjects.”
—Jan Semchuk, Library Technician, Red Wing Public School & École Vickers Public School (Prince Albert, SK)