Available for virtual tours in:  Alberta, Newfoundland & Labrador, and the Northwest Territories

Craft: Author/Illustrator

Genre: Board Books, Picture Books

Grades: Preschool-Grade 8

Cost for School and Public Virtual Readings Program: $200.00 plus applicable taxes


Presentation Information

For my presentations, I use my laptop, my drawing tablet and a projector, but I can also work with my books, markers and a drawing surface. The typical age range for my presentations are students from JK to Grade 4 and the length is about 30 minutes. First, I display a brief slide presentation to introduce myself, my work as an author/illustrator making books about Canada, and how I first started becoming interested in drawing and reading.

After the introduction, I launch into a reading from one of my books with each page projected on a screen. As I move through the book, I discuss specific parts and point out details while asking the audience questions and listening to their ideas and experiences. I strive to make my presentations as engaging and interactive as possible with lots of audience participation. I always incorporate live drawings in my presentations. Using my graphics tablet, I’m able to project what I’m drawing from my laptop so that everyone has a very clear view of the illustration. I’ll often ask students to guess what I’m drawing or have them help me finish the drawing by describing what’s missing. Near the end of my presentation, I ask the audience if any volunteers would like to try drawing for the group using the tablet.

For older grades, I focus my presentations on how I create illustrations in more detail and talk about the process of planning and conducting research for my books. I also discuss my experience working in publishing both as a creator and art director/designer on books for young readers. I make a point to answer any questions from aspiring writers and illustrators. On occasion, I’ve led workshops that included art-making activities. I’ve guided students to create their own ABC books, or encourage them to draw animals, Canadian icons or parts of their neighbourhood. I’m also hoping to incorporate some craft activities for y forthcoming books.

Book List

Canada Fun! (Harper Collins, 2020)

I Am a Polar Bear (HarperCollins Canada, 2020)

I Am a Beaver (HarperCollins Canada, 2020)

Everyday ABC (HarperCollins Canada, 2018)

Canada Animals (HarperCollins Canada, 2018)

Canada 123 (HarperCollins Canada, 2017)

Canada ABC (HarperCollins Canada, 2016)

Canada 150 Colouring Book by Paul Covello and Leor Boshi (HarperCollins Canada, 2016)

Canada to Colour by Paul Covello and Leor Boshi (HarperCollins Canada, 2016)

The National Parks of Canada Colouring Book by Paul Covello and Leor Boshi (HarperCollins Canada, 2016)

The Great Canadian Cottage Colouring Book by Paul Covello and Leor Boshi (HarperCollins Canada, 2016)

Toronto ABC (HarperCollins Canada, 2014)


Paul Covello is the best-selling author and illustrator of several picture books for young readers, including Canada ABC, Canada 123 and Canada Animals among other beloved titles.

His illustration clients include Toronto Island Park, the Toronto Transit Commission’s Ride Guide, Publishers Weekly s supplement on the Canadian publishing industry, and the cover of the Costco Connection magazine’s Canada 150 issue.

He is the Art Director and Designer at Annick Press where he works on a range of books for young readers. As a designer, he has worked with several Canadian authors and illustrators including Kenneth Oppel, Emma Donoghue, Michael Martchenko and Dušan Petričić. Some of the books he’s designed are Why Don’t Cars Run on Apple Juice?: Real Questions from Real Kids, and the 40th-anniversary collector’s edition of The Paper Bag Princess. He lives in Toronto.