Available for virtual visits in:
Ontario & the Yukon

Craft: Storyteller

Grades: Preschool-Grade 6

Cost for School and Public Readings Program: $200.00

Virtual Presentation Information

The following list of stories can be considered both thematic and global in nature from around the world. I enjoy telling Eastern European Stories, Folktales and Wisdom Tales. This is a   sample of stories. The selection of tales will be tailored to the class, age range, and may change if a particular topic is requested in advance and I can accommodate, or as new stories are discovered.

The stories can and may be modified to suit the designated age group.

In a one hour program there is usually time for me to tell 5 stories. Often discussion is left for the very end of the program – if discussion is throughout then there may need to be less      stories.

K-Grade 3 (tailored sampling)

“The Tale of Meshka the Kvetch” (Jewish) Theme – Words harm, words heal, complaining

“Barusha The Witch” (Yemen) – Trickster Tale

“The Drum” (India) Theme – Generosity, Kindness, Empathy

“How the Old Woman Got Her Wish” (Hindu) Theme – Kindness, Respect, Knowledge

“The Talking Cat” (Québec) – Theme – loneliness, trust, kindness, generosity, wisdom

“Pancake Party” (Siberian) Theme – Helping, cooperation

“A Wonderful Life” (Jewish – but can be adapted to any wise person from any culture) Theme-finding peace in a noisy or chaotic situation, participatory tale

“Frog from Osaka and Frog from Kyoto” (Japan) Theme -There is nothing like home sweet home, problem solving                                                                                                            

“Demon in the Wine Cellar” (King Solomon Tale) Theme – How a king outsmarts a demon

“The Monkey who asked for Misery” (Haitian) Theme – Curiosity, not everything in life is sweet, be careful what you ask for.

“How Beetle Got Her Beautiful Colours” (South America) – Theme – Bullying, standing up for others, growing a thicker skin.

“The Nanny Goat from Chelm” (Eastern Europe) Theme – not everything appears as it is, trickster

Grade 4-6 (tailored sampling which can be adapted to High School)

“Poas Mountain” (Costa Rica) Theme – Duty, Friendship, Faithfulness, Sacrifice

“The King’s Secret” (Moroccan) Theme – Value of a promise, gossip, respect, dignity

“Wisdom or Luck” Theme – Which one can help on the journey through life?

“Nasrudeen the Honest Smuggler” – (Middle Eastern) Theme – ingenuity and honesty

“The Noble Deer” (Indian) Theme – Living with a natural environment, hunting, generosity, kindness, Respect for nature, rescue

“Ukko’s Bread” (Finland) Theme – Great G-d, generosity, life lessons, kindness to strangers

“This Too Shall Pass” (Jewish) Theme – King Solomon, wisdom, humility, a look at happiness  and sadness

“The Two Beggars” (Afghanistan) Theme – Generosity of a Sultan, or from a higher being?

“My Grandfather’s Journey” Theme – Immigration, compassion, determination, following ones path, being a stranger in a new land, hospitality and kindness

“The Magic Pomegranate” (Jewish) Theme – Empathy, generosity, kindness, healing

“Sirena” (Chamoro) Theme – Mother-daughter relationship; listening to your heart; strong will

“The Hidden One” (Native Story) Theme – hidden pain, self-discovery, becoming visible, acceptance

“The Wooden Sword” (Afghanistan) Theme – Finding wisdom and goodness in the face of adversity, problem solving, faith, resourcefulness

“Donkey Girl” (Eastern Europe) Theme – a curse can be a blessing in disguise; healing, justice

“The Nanny Goat from Chelm” (Eastern Europe) Theme – not everything appears as it is, trickster


Selina Eisenberg has delighted listeners of all ages in Canada, United States, Ireland and Israel. In 2013, she told stories in schools and libraries across Alberta while on the TD Canada Children’s Book Week Tour. She has been invited to tell stories at Children’s Festivals in Ottawa, Edmonton, and Quebec. With a background in Early Childhood Education, she has been known to use a visual or two with younger listeners.  Don’t let the background fool you, for she is very capable of taking a listener of any age on a journey with words and voice alone. During the pandemic, Selina has taken the stories online for all ages, weaving folktales, wisdom tales, and Eastern European tales with her own embellishments; reaching audiences as far away as East Asia. Her English storytelling voice has been recorded to bring 7 Francophone Children’s Books to life through a multilingual project out of the Université du Montréal.  Despite her mother tongue being English, she has told a few French stories to immersion students in the early grades by invitation from the Festilou Festival de contes Il était une fois. Selina is a proud active member of both Storytellers of Canada and the Montreal Storytellers Guild.