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Home Province: British Columbia

Craft: Author and Trilingual Singer-Songwriter

Genre: Nature series, Rhyming text, Picture books, Family-centred books, Books featuring bipoc characters, Books with related music and music videos

Target Audience: Grades 1- 4

Cost for School and Public Virtual Workshop Program with CCBC subsidy: $200.00, plus applicable taxes

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Virtual Workshop Information

Option #1- The Wild and Wonderful World of Rivers and Forests
This presentation is a book reading, mini nature concert and a “spotlight on the classroom” where students can reflect on ways they can help keep our world beautiful!  Free curriculum-compatible learning extensions, activity sheets, and music downloads are available from the author’s website to complement this presentation. Elements include:

  • 3-minute animated music video (related to the book).
  • An introduction to the author, her awe for cedar trees, sparrows, spiders, and river otters, and her love of celebrating community and nature with others.
  • An interactive reading of The Mighty River or The Lively Forest. Note that during the presentation students will be playfully challenged to 1) look for all the special animals as they are named, 2) have fun watching the borders change with every page turn, and 3) remember the name of one new animal.
  • A “spotlight on the classroom” where students can hear ideas from other children on how to protect the environment and be encouraged to share how they enjoy nature and how they can help protect it. Note that the class will be encouraged to send their ideas to the author to share as inspiration for other children.
  • A mini-concert featuring 1-3 singable songs related to the theme.
  • A question and answer period and goodbye.


Option # 2- I Will Be a Tree
This presentation is themed on the idea that little seeds can grow into big trees, and the all children have the potential to do something that brings them, and others, meaning and joy.  A combination of the author’s creative journey will be combined with an electronic book reading of an upcoming project, a multi-lingual song workshop, and question and answer session. Elements include:

  • 3-minute original music video featuring English, Mandarin, and French.
  • An introduction to the author, her journey from an creative child to an engineer to a singer-songwriter to a children’s book author.
  • An interactive sneak peek of the book “I Will Be a Tree” in English, French, and Mandarin. Note that this part of the presentation will be a screen share of the electronic version of the book while the author reads it aloud from the top corner of the zoom screen.  During the presentation students will be playfully challenged to 1) listen once to the author read, and then read along with the author, 2) imagine what kind of tree they would like to be when they grow up, and 3) try to remember the name of one new fruit in a different language.
  • A concert featuring a song in French, Mandarin, or English as well as a song workshop for the song “Apple Apple Seed” where students will learn to sing the lyrics in English, Mandarin, and English.
  • A reflection session (to be started in the workshop and completed in class after the workshop) to draw what type of seed they are now and what kind of tree they will grow up to be. Note that the class will be encouraged to write a short description of their illustration and to send it to the author to share as inspiration for other children.

A question and answer period and goodbye  

Book List

I Will Be a Seed.  Written by Ginalina, Illustrated by Noah Choy (Beautiful World Books, coming soon)
My Family Keeps Me Warm.  Written by Ginalina, Illustrated by Khoa Le (Peppermint Toast Publishing, coming soon)
The Lively Forest.  Written by Ginalina, Illustrated by Kelley Wills (Peppermint Toast Publishing, 2021)
The Mighty River.  Written by Ginalina, Illustrated by Kelley Wills (Peppermint Toast Publishing, 2020) * available in Braille and Tactile Illustration, and as an Audiobook with or without Image Descriptions through the National Network for Equitable Library Services.


GINALINA is a second-generation Asian-Canadian author, singer-songwriter and family folk musician for libraries, schools, theatres, festivals, international events, and more.  Her vision is to celebrate the beauty in ourselves, each other, and the world, to inspire wonder, hope, and joy.  Prominent themes in her work include multi-generational community, caring family relationships, and the beauty of the west coast.  She lives in Vancouver, BC with her family. Ginalina has published two nature books with Illustrator Kelley Wills through Peppermint Toast Publishing and is working on several new projects for 2022 and beyond.  She has four albums that have been recognized with twenty national and international awards, including 2 Juno and 3 Canadian Folk Music Award nominations and 2 awards for Best Western Canadian Music Artist of the year.  Recent concert and reading venues include the Whistler International Children’s Festival, Saskatchewan Children’s Festival and Sun Yat Sen Chinese Classic Garden.

Awards and Special Recognition

The Mighty River
  • 2021 Moonbeam Awards for Best Illustrator (Bronze)
  • 2021 National Parenting Publications Award
  • 2021 Canadian Children’s Book Centre Selection (Best Books for Kids and Teens)
  • 2020 Shortlisted for Best Indie Booklist by Kirkus Review
  • 2020 Starred Kirkus Review
  • 2020 National Network for Equitable Library Services Grant to translate book into Braille with Tactile Illustration and Audiobook (with and without Image Descriptions)
  • 2021 Juno Nomination for the Album “Small But Mighty”
  • 2021 CBC Music in the Classroom Selection for song, “Small But Mighty”
  • 2020 Western Canadian Music Award for Artist of the Year, Children’s
  • 2019 Juno Nomination for Album “It Takes a Village”
  • 2017 Western Canadian Music Award for Artist of the Year, Children’s
  • 2016 Juno Nomination for album “Forest Friends’ Nature Club”
  • 4 consecutive album recommendations from the Canadian Children’s Book Centre (Best Books for Kids and Teens)


“Ginalina is a delightful presenter whose light and energy leaps through our computer screens. The kids loved Ginalina’s program and how she incorporates reading, music and a playful and inviting posture of caring for the environment. She inspires children to be earth stewards too! Working with Ginalina was such a pleasure, and I look forward to working with her again in the future.” Veronica Wilson, Outreach and Events Liaison, Idea Exchange Public Library, Cambridge, ON

“The Lively Forest is a gentle, engaging celebration of nature.  Readers of all ages will learn about the many birds, animals and insects of the west coast while gaining a greater connection and appreciation of the wonders of our forests.” ​— Adrienne Gear, BC Teacher, Author, and Literacy Consultant

“A happy marriage of text, art, and message that’s absolutely beautiful.“ — Starred Kirkus Review ”One of this year’s favourite books about rivers.“ — Canadian Geographic Magazine

“Ginalina went to touching lengths to create an engaging and delightful presentation to uplift any spirit.  Story and guitar and ukulele made this show richly musical in her signature down-to-earth style!  Also such a treat to sing Mandarin and French songs.” — Whistler International Children’s Festival

“Ginalina’s book showcases a great diversity of life that will hopefully inspire a new generation to explore nearby rivers and streams, learn about them, and ultimately, help us care for them.” ​— Mark Angelo, founder of World Rivers Day

“A joyful and attractive book to read and will encourage children to be inspired by nature again and again.” — Colin Harris, founder of Take Me Outside Organization