Available for virtual visits in : British Columbia, Quebec & Saskatchwan

Home Province: Nova Scotia

Craft: Author

Genre: Picture Books/Beginner Graphic Novels/Middle Grade Novels

Target Audience: Ages 5 – 12

Cost for School and Public Virtual Presentation with CCBC subsidy: $200.00, plus applicable taxes

Website :

Virtual Presentation Information:

My jam-packed presentation to young writers is a behind-the-scenes look at the everyday experiences that I write stories about. I include props, audience participation, and video clips sure to keep students engaged and glued to their seats. I have two presentations from my latest books to choose from, and both presentations have been adapted for virtual platforms.

For grades K-3: SENSES. My picture book, The Better Tree Fort, features a father/son relationship. I also share an interest in birding with the characters in this story. I will include a fun mini-lesson about local bird songs during my presentation that encourages young writers to use all their senses. 

For grades 4-6: DETAILS. My novel, Clear Skies, is a historic novel that depicts the 1960s space race to the Moon while also exploring the theme of mental health. I will also use this story to demonstrate the importance of including accurate facts and engaging details for better fiction. 


In advance of my virtual presentations, I share a link to YouTube videos of me reading an excerpt from one of the above books. This allows me to maximize time during my presentation for my photo slide show, a tour of my writing studio and for Q&A. For all virtual presentations, students will 

  • learn how to identify sources for creative inspiration
  • understand how brainstorming works to launch a writing assignment
  • discover how to take an idea and shape it into a story
  • and, develop an appreciation for all the stages of editing and good writing habits

Reported outcomes following my virtual presentations include

  • an increase in library borrowing
  • an enhanced understanding of the writing process
  • a surge in creativity
  • and, the application of new techniques for creative writing

Book List

Clear Skies (Groundwood Books, Fall 2019) – Middle Grade Novel

The Better Tree Fort (Groundwood Books, Spring 2018) – Picture Book

The Things Owen Wrote (Groundwood Books, Fall 2017) – Middle Grade Novel

The Missing Dog Is Spotted (Groundwood Books, Spring 2015) – Middle Grade Novel

The Spotted Dog Last Seen (Groundwood Books, Fall 2013)

Spit Feathers: The Lobster Chronicles (Kids Can Press, Fall 2013)

A Narrow Escape: The Lobster Chronicles (Kids Can Press, Spring 2013)

Lower the Trap: The Lobster Chronicles (Kids Can Press, Spring 2012)

Martin Bridge: Onwards and Upwards! (Kids Can Press, Spring 2009)

Martin Bridge: The Sky’s the Limit! (Kids Can Press, Fall 2008)

Martin Bridge: In High Gear! (Kids Can Press, Spring 2008)

Martin Bridge: Sound the Alarm! (Kids Can Press, Spring 2007)

Martin Bridge: Out of Orbit! (Kids Can Press, Fall 2007)

Martin Bridge: Blazing Ahead! (Kids Can Press, Fall 2006)

Martin Bridge: On the Lookout! (Kids Can Press, Fall 2005)

Martin Bridge: Ready for Takeoff! (Kids Can Press, Spring 2005)


Halifax-based JESSICA SCOTT KERRIN is the best-selling author of sixteen books—but she didn’t always want to be a writer. She wanted to be an astronaut. Then she had to get glasses in grade two, putting an end to her starry dreams. So, she started writing stories, and when she grew up, an astronaut signed her book about rockets! Still fascinated by outer space, Jessica’s new novel, Clear Skies, takes place during the 1960s Space Race to the Moon. Jessica’s mentored many writers, she’s toured hundreds of schools and libraries across Canada and the United States and her books have been translated into six languages.