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Home Province: Ontario

Craft: Author

Genre: Picture Books, Middle Grade Fiction, Teen Fiction

Target Audience: Kindergarten – Grade 12

Cost for School and Public Virtual Presentation with CCBC subsidy: $200.00, plus applicable taxes



Virtual Presentation/Workshop Information:

Over the past two decades I have down more than 12,000 presentations.  This has included more than 300 virtual visits since the onset of Covid.  I do more than a dozen different presentations which are grade centric, topic specific, and combine slide show, powerpoint, video clips, reading, workshops and interact segments.  I have a fully equipped studio that has an external camera, radio station grade microphone, sound baffles, dual monitors, studio lighting, and backdrop.  I have been on eight different virtual platforms and feel equally comfortable on whatever format is the chosen modality for a school or board.  Presentations can be adapted and adopted to provide grade/age appropriate content for all students from K through grade 12 and can vary in length from 30 to 75 minutes depending on the needs and schedule of the school.


ERIC WALTERS began writing in 1993 as a way to entice his grade 5 students into becoming more interested in reading and writing.  At the end of the year – and the end of the novel- one of the students suggested that he try to have this story published.  This book, Stand Your Ground, became Eric’s first published novel. Eric has now published 115 novels and picture books.  His novels have all become best-sellers, have won over a hundred awards, including 8 Forest of Reading awards and the 2021 Governor General’s Award.  His work has been translated into more than a dozen languages. He is a tireless presenter, speaking to over 100,000 students per years in schools across North America. Eric conceived of the I Read Canadian Day.  He collaborated with organizations, publishers, booksellers and writers/illustrators to launch the first day which took place on February 19, 2020 and involved almost 2000 schools and libraries across the country championing Canadian books with their students and patrons. Eric was born in Toronto in 1957.  After the death of his mother when he was four years of age, he and his older sister, Janice, were raised by their father.  He attended York University where he obtained his B.A. (Hons) specialized major in psychology, his B.S.W., and M.S.W. and then his B.Ed. from the University of Toronto.  Eric lives in Guelph with his wife, Anita, and they have three grown children, Christina, Nicholas, and Julia and six grandchildren. Over the past 15 years he has been the driving force and co-founder of The Creation of Hope, an organization that serves orphans and needy children in Kenya. In 2014 Eric was named a Member of The Order of Canada.  The citation reads – For his contribution as an author of literature for children and young adults whose stories help young readers grapple with complex social issues.

Book List

Goodnight Noah (Orca Book Publishers, 2021)  (board book)
Houston, Is There A Problem? (Orca Book Publishers, 2021) (middle grade fiction)
Don’t Stand So Close To Me (Orca Book Publishers, 2020) (middle grade fiction)
High and Dry (Orca Book Publishers, 2020) (beginner novel)
On the Rocks (Orca Book Publishers, 2020) (middle grade/teen fiction)
The Boy Who Moved Christmas (Nimbus 2020) (picture book)
The King of Jam Sandwiches (Orca Book Publishers, 2020) (middle grade fiction)
Hockey Night in Kenya (Orca Book Publishers, 2020) (picture book)
Bath Time (Orca Book Publishers, 2020) (board book)
Light A Candle (Orca 2019)
Broken Strings (Penguin/Random House 2019)
Always With You (Nimbus 2019)
Elephant Secret (Penguin/Random House 2018)
The Wild Beast (Orca 2018)
Fourth Dimension (Penguin/Random House 2018)
From the Heart of Africa (Penguin/Random House 2018)
Surfer Dog (Orca Spring 2018) (picture book)
90 Days of Different (Orca Book Publishers 2017)
African Alphabet (Orca 2017) (board book)
Will to Survive (Penguin/Random House 2016)
Jungleland (Orca 2016)
The Art of Picking Up Girls (and other dangerous things) (Penguin 2016)
Batcat and The Seven Squirrels (Orca 2016)
Today Is the Day (Tundra 2015)
Regenesis (Penguin/Random House 2015)
Innocent (Orca 2015)
Say You Will (Penguin/Random House 2015)
Fight For Power (Penguin, 2015)
Walking Home (Doubleday, 2014)
The Rule of Three (Penguin, 2014)
Saving Sammy (Orca, 2014)
Sky Above (Orca, 2014)
Hope Springs (Tundra, 2014)
Sleeper (Orca, 2014)
Enigma (Penguin, 2013)
My Name is Blessing (Tundra, 2013)
Tagged (Orca, 2013) Power Play (HarperCollins, 2013)
Between Heaven and Earth (Orca, 2012)
The Matatu (Orca, 2012) Hunter (Orca, 2012)
The Taming (co-written with Teresa Toten, Doubleday, 2012)
Just Deserts (Penguin, September 2011)
Catboy (Orca, September 2011)
End of Days (Doubleday, September 2011)
Shaken (Doubleday, January 2011)
Flyboy (Penguin, 2010)
Home Team (Orca, 2010)
Trouble in Paradise (Penguin, 2010)
Branded (Orca, 2010)
Beverly Hills Maasai (Doubleday, 2010)
Wave (Doubleday, 2009)
Shell Shocked (Penguin, 2009)
United We Stand (Doubleday, 2009)
Wounded (Penguin, 2009)
Tell Me Why (Doubleday, 2009)
Black & White (Penguin, 2009)
Special Edward (Orca, 2009)
Alexandria of Africa (Doubleday 2008)
Splat! (Orca 2008)
The Pole (Penguin 2008)
Voyageur (Penguin, 2008)
When Elephants Fight (Orca, 2008)
In A Flash (Orca 2008)
The Falls (Penguin 2008)
Boot Camp (Orca 2007)
Sketches (Penguin 2007)
Tiger Trap (Dundurn 2007)
Safe as Houses (Doubleday 2007)
Bifocal (Fitzhenry & Whiteside 2007)
House Party (Orca 2007)
Shattered (Penguin 2006)
We All Fall Down (Doubleday 2006)
Camp X – Fool’s Gold (Penguin 2006)
Laggan Lard Butts (Orca 2006)
Stuffed (Orca 2006)
Triple Threat (Orca 2005)
Elixir (Penguin 2005)
The True Story of Santa Claus (2005)
Ricky (Harper Collins)
Underdog (Orca)
Juice (Orca)
Run (Penguin)
Death by Exposure (Dundurn)
I’ve Got An Idea (Harpercollins)
Tiger Town (Dundurn)
Off Season (Orca)
Grind (Orca)
Camp 30 (Penguin)
Rebound (Fitzhenry & Whiteside)
Road Trip (Orca)
Royal Ranson (Penguin)
Long Shot (Orca)
Tiger in Trouble (Dundurn)
Northern Exposures (Harper Collins)
Hoop Crazy (Orca)
The Hydrofoil Mystery (Penguin)
Overdrive (Orca)
The Money Pit Mystery (Harpercollins)
Caged Eagles (Orca)
The Bully Boys (Penguin)
Tiger by the Tail (Dundurn)
Full Court Press (Orca)
Diamonds in The Rough (Fitzhenry & Whiteside)
Camp X (Penguin)
Visions (Harpercollins)
Three On Three (Orca)
Stranded (HarperCollins)
Trapped In Ice (Penguin)
STARS (Fitzhenery & Whiteside)
War of The Eagles (Orca)
Stand Your Ground (Fitzhenry & Whiteside)