Available for VIRTUAL visits in: Newfoundland and Nova Scotia

Home Location: Grande Prairie, Alberta

Craft: Author

Genre: Middle-Grade Fiction, Teen Fiction, Graphic Novels

Target Audience: Grades 3 and up

Cost for School and Public Virtual Presentation with CCBC subsidy: $200.00 (no taxes charged)


Workshop Information:

Creating Chaotic Comics (Grades 3-7)

Students will participate in a workshop learning about how to write comic books, in a fun, interactive session. From stoic superheroes to ferocious felines, students will explore what it takes to make a comic book from start to finish while creating their own!

The Hero Within (Grades 7+)

This interactive session explores the nature of heroism. From movies to books to ancient poems, heroes fill our hearts and minds with wonder. What makes a hero? Is it simply spandex and capes or is there something more? This workshop will guide students in discovering how heroism affects their own stories.

Book List

The Dragon (Asha Anderson Series, Book 1)

The Way Station (Asha Anderson Series, Book 2)

The White Magnolia (Asha Anderson Series, Book 3)

HOPE: The Hero Initiative (26 Stories by 80 Creators to Benefit The Hero Initiative), Ronin Studios.

“Down the Line” in Fractured Fairytales (Grande Prairie Public Library)


Dustin Archibald is a devout author, editor, storyteller, and technology evangelist. He believe stories and technology change and shape our worlds in unimaginable ways. From comic books to novels to non-fiction books he believes reading is one of the best ways of discovering the world.