Available for VIRTUAL visits in: Prince Edward Island and BC (Lower Mainland)

Home Province: Ontario

Craft: Author

Genre: Picture Books, Beginning Readers

Target Audience: Kindergarten to Grade 3

Cost for School and Public Presentation with CCBC subsidy: $200.00, plus applicable taxes



Age group: 3-8 years old (Grades K-3)

30 Minutes each part (May be split into 2 parts with a short break to accommodate for younger audiences).

Workshop – Part 1 (30 Minutes)

This collaborative school presentation includes:

  • Author introduction and background / biography
  • Introduction on writing / inspiration for the book
  • Introduction and viewing of the Shelly-Ann doll
  • Topics about family, food, language, Jamaican culture and fun facts that are located on the back page of the Granny’s Kitchen book. Ask the readers/listeners about their experiences in Jamaica. Showing of the Jamaican flag and allow the readers/listeners to learn Patois (Jamaican language) that is shown throughout the book.
  • Colour in an empty template of the Jamaican flag and explain the colours of the Jamaican flag and what they represent. Readers/listeners can also draw and colour in their own country’s (or family background’s) flag on a blank page and show their art work.

Workshop – Part 2 (30 Minutes)

  • A fun game involving live props (and/or a digital presentation) of cooking utensils, equipment, Caribbean foods and fruits. (Guess the name of the food/fruit/kitchen items). This is a fun and educational way for the readers/listeners to learn about new things and foods that they may not know about.
  • A live reading of GRANNY’S KITCHEN with enlarged illustrations shown on screen/projector (if needed to enhance visual effect for Storytime) followed by a Question and Comment period.
  • A quiz pertaining to the story by way of a game or crossword puzzle, with prizes included (if in-person). (Prizes will include bookmarks with a recipe on the back, bookplates and occasionally, a signed copy of the book, depending on availability of copies on hand). Some prizes may be mailed out to school afterward for virtual presentations).
  • Social media handles and website / contact information. Information on where and how to purchase the book. Information about upcoming books and projects.
  • Information about the “Kidz Korner” tab on website where students may find fun activities and download reading and writing templates for their own use.


Note: Workshops are 60 minutes in length and may be split into two parts to accommodate for a younger audience.


Book List

Granny’s Kitchen, illustrated by Ken Daley (Feiwel & Friends/Macmillan, 2022)

Julie and the Mango Tree, illustrated by Sayada Ramdial (Feiwel & Friends/Macmillan, 2023)


Sadé Smith is a Canadian children’s book author of Granny’s Kitchen (Feiwel & Friends/Macmillan, 2022) which is nominated for the Blue Spruce Award for the 2023 Forest of Reading. Her books often involve food with colourful illustrations to capture the vibrancy and beauty of the Caribbean islands. She loves the beach and enjoys fruits and she is very passionate about literature. Sadé holds a Bachelor of Interior Design (Hons.) Degree and an Advance Diploma in Architectural Technology, as well as a certificate in Creative Book Publishing. She writes books of representation for young readers so children can see themselves in books. Sadé is a member of SCBWI (Society for Children’s Book writers and Illustrators)and CCBC (The Canadian Children’s Book Centre). Her second book Julie and the Mango Tree is now available for pre-order and will be published on August 8, 2023 by Feiwel & Friends/Macmillan. The author is represented by Naomi Davis of Bookends Literary Agency. For more information, visit or follow @stc_smith on social media.