Touring In: Alberta

Craft: Author

Genre: Picture Books

Ideal Audience Size: 40 – 60

Maximum Audience Size: 200

Grades: Kindergarten – Grade 4

Special Equipment:

  • Projector/screen, TV or Whiteboard, etc. (with HDMI input or adapter)
  • Audio/Speakers that can connect to a laptop
  • I will bring my laptop, but please have a laptop/computer available as backup. (Even laptops have bad days!)
  • Mic (wireless, lapel/clip-on, if possible)
  • Stand or media cart for projector and laptop
  • Table up front for books/materials



Shortlisted for the 2018 Blue Spruce Award


Presentation Information

Finding Our Inner Superhero, based on Shelly’s books, Even Superheroes Make Mistakes and Even Superheroes Have Bad Days

Presentation includes a reading of Even Superheroes Make Mistakes or Even Superheroes Have Bad Days (or both, time-permitting) with discussion and activities related to the theme of the book. We learn that superheroes make SUPER choices. I also share the story of the inspiration for the Superheroes books and interesting details about my writing journey. No Q&A.

Grade 1-3
Presentation includes everything in the JK-SK presentation, more in-depth, more interactive. We also learn about the writing and publication process. Q&A at the end.

Grades 4-6
This presentation builds on the presentations for younger students with more mature, more in-depth discussion and activities.

Also available for this age group, workshops on Writing with Rhythm and Rhyme. This workshop covers the elements of rhythm and rhyme, a study of bad rhyme vs. good rhyme, and hands-on practice,  instruction, encouragement, and inspiration.

Other Topics Available: custom workshops on any aspect of writing and the path to publication, including concrete information and inspiration.

Required equipment:
Microphone (lapel mic preferred)
Table for props
Water bottle(s)


Book List

Even Superheroes Make Mistakes by Shelly Becker, illustrated by Eda Kaban (Sterling Publishing, 2018)


Even Superheroes Have Bad Days by Shelly Becker, illustrated by Eda Kaban (Sterling Publishing, 2016)


Mine! Mine! Mine! by Shelly Becker, illustrated by Hideko Takahashi (Sterling Publishing, 2006)



Shelly Becker is the author of Sterling’s EVEN SUPERHEROES MAKE MISTAKES (2018, Sterling), EVEN SUPERHEROES HAVE BAD DAYS (a 2018 Blue Spruce Award Nominee), which KIRKUS called “an action-packed romp,” and MINE! MINE! MINE!, which has been included in many “top 5” and “top 10” lists of books to teach the concept of “sharing” over the years. In addition, Shelly is the author of 18 children’s novelty books.

Shelly has four children and two grandchildren. Although she does not not have a cape or laser-vision, Shelly know how it feels to have a bad day and tries to use her inner super-powers to respond in positive ways. Shelly hopes her books will encourage readers of all ages to do the same. She lives in Toronto, Canada.



Even Superheroes Have Bad Days

  • Shortlisted for the 2018 Blue Spruce Award
  • Shortlisted for the 2018 West Australian Young Readers’ Book Award
  • Shortlisted for the 2016 Best In Rhyme Award



“From start to finish Shelly was exceptional in every way…During her presentations, the students were all completely engaged as Shelly talked about the stories she has written and the journey she has been on as a writer. She spoke with such expression and excitement and knew how to entertain the audience and sustain their attention…The stories she shared had wonderful messages that most of our students can relate to in some capacity and all students were excited to read along with her. Having Shelly Becker was such a wonderful experience; I would highly recommend her to anyone. Her personality, coupled by her amazing stories and entertaining presentation made her an all-around memorable experience for all.”

—Carina, Richmond Hill


“…Shelly gave an inspiring and interactive author reading. Many of the children related to her stories and had engaging questions about where her ideas came from. Not only did they

enjoy her first book they are very excited for her second book! In addition to giving

an excellent reading to a larger than normal group she was very helpful when the

group had last minute requests and changes and was easy to work with in order to

find a solution…I highly recommend Shelly as a guest speaker at your event.”

—Angela, East Gwillimbury