Touring In: Manitoba

Craft: Author

Genre: Picture Books, Non-Fiction

Ideal Audience Size: 60-80

Maximum Audience Size: 80

Grades: Grades 2-8

Special Equipment: Projector and screen with audio and video capability for Power Point presentations. Flipchart and markers for writing workshops.


Shortlisted for the 2017-2018 Red Cedar Book Award
2017 OLA Best Bet

Presentation Information

In this 1 hour visual presentation, Rina looks back over her own career, using examples of the books she has written, she asks the audience to think about where stories and ideas come from. She shows how a book comes together, from first idea, to first draft and through the re-writing process. The last twenty minutes of the presentation are interactive. This presentation will appeal even to the most reluctant readers.

60 minutes/ General Audience/ Max Students 100

Inspired by how Rina wrote her own book – Holi Colours, she takes the participants on a fun and engaging journey where they explore colour through their own senses. It’s great for beginning poets and the workshop will be adapted with more sophisticated content for advanced writers.

60 minutes/ Grades 2-3, Grade 4-6

In this fast-paced workshop, participants will explore how they can use their own experiences and curiosity and create compelling stories and poems using lyrical language. Unusual exercises help them discover the joy of playing with language. The workshop ends with student readings and there will be a hand out for teachers.

​75 minutes/ Grades 4-6/ Grades 7-8 /Max students 30


Book List

Diwali Lights
(Orca Book Publishers, Fall 2018)

Holi Colors
(Orca Book Publishers, Spring 2018)

Diwali: Festival of Lights
(Orca Book Publishers, 2016)

My First Book of Hindi Words
Written by Rina Singh
Illustrated by Farida Zaman
(Tuttle Books, 2016)

Hindi for Heart
Written by Gulzar
Illustrated by Rina Singh
(HarperCollins, 2013)

Guru Nanak: The First Sikh Guru
Written by Rina Singh
Illustrated by Andree Pouliot
(Groundwood Books, 2011)

Nearly Nonsense: Hoja Tales from Turkey
Written by Rina Singh
Illustrated by Farida Zaman
(Tundra Books, 2011)

A Forest of Stories
Written by Rina Singh
Illustrated by Helen Cann
(Barefoot Books, 2003)

Moon Tales
Written by Rina Singh
Illustrated by Debbie Lush
(Bloomsbury, 1999)

The Foolish Men of Agra
Written by Rina Singh
Illustrated by Farida Zaman
(Key Porter Books, 1998)



Rina Singh is an author, presenter, and writing coach. She has an MFA in Creative Writing from Concordia University, and a teaching degree from McGill University, Montreal.

She is an internationally published children’s author and has written many critically acclaimed books for children including A Forest of Stories, which has been translated in several languages, including Spanish and Korean. She has written an award winning biography on the Inuit artist –Pitseolak Ashoona. Her most recent publications are Diwali: Festival of Lights (nominated for the 2017-2018 Red Cedar Award), Nearly Nonsense and Guru Nanak: The First Sikh Guru and Hindi for Heart, which she did in collaboration with the Oscar winning Indian lyricist, Gulzar.

She has taught art, drama, and writing in Toronto for the last 25 years. She is passionate about integrating the arts in education. Her Grade 8 students have acted in and made award winning short films, won Spoken Word competitions and have exhibited their art work.

Rina has done readings and workshops in literary festivals across Canada. She presented at the Asian Festival of Children’s Content (2014) in Singapore and Reading for the Love of it in Toronto (2015).

Rina lives in a blue house in Toronto. Surrounded by tall trees, birds, squirrels, a rabbit, and a fish pond in her garden, she hopes to write many more books for children.



Diwali: Festival of Lights

  • Shortlisted for Red Cedar Award 2017-2018
  • OLA Best Bet 2017

Trickster Tales

  • ETFO Writer’s Award 2008

Pitseolak Ashoona: Inuit Artist

  • ETFO Women Writer’s Award 2006



“I am very impressed in the fashion in which Rina chooses to approach the children. She gets everyone involved through a variety of activities that not only get the kids thinking, but moving as well! Rina’s main objective is to open the creative and imaginative part of the mind of each child. All of the children in this class were very enthusiastic and eager to participate in every activity. There were no issues whatsoever this morning, and I am super excited for the next session this afternoon! There is evidently much potential in many (if not all!) these young children.” (Morning Workshop)

–Faith Seltzer, MASC Young Authors and Illustrator’s Conference, Ottawa

“​Once again, I am completely amazed in the methods Rina selects to interact with the kids! Never is there a moment where the kids aren’t busy. This class was slightly quieter in the beginning, however, Rina managed to get most of the children to come out and share their ideas! Rina engages the children in a slightly more mature way (which differs from the first class) and helps them identify various different writing styles. Everyone appeared to be very inspired by Rina. And again, I was shown much talent through these kids.” (Afternoon Workshop)

–Faith Seltzer, MASC Young Authors and Illustrator’s Conference, Ottawa

​​”In my capacity as teacher/librarian and chair of the Arts programme, I have had the pleasure of inviting Rina Singh into our school as an author. Rina is a very engaging presenter whose diverse books have enthralled the audience. She uses a varied range of media to captivate the students such as puppets, photographic essays and music.”

—Marilyn Pinchuk, Librarian, Doncrest Public School, Ontario

​”I’ve had the pleasure of working with Rina and have watched her at her readings and at conferences. She presents with poise, grace and a sense of humour.”

—Karen Steffenson, Visual Arts Consultant, York Region District School Board, Ontario