Below are links to interviews with the authors, illustrators and storytellers touring during TD Canadian Children’s Book Week 2017. New interviews will be added every day in the week prior to Book Week.

Joyce Grant, author

Mahtab Narsimhan, author

Charis Cotter, author

Melanie Florence, author

Marianne Dubuc, author/illustrator

Linda Granfield, author

Mireille Messier, author

Natasha Deen, author

Kathleen Kompass, storyteller

Joan Marie Galat, author

Mike Boldt, author/illustrator

Jason Chabot, author

Karen Gummo, storyteller

Kate Inglis, author

Diane Carmel Léger, author

Gabrielle Prendergast, author

Caroll Simpson, author/illustrator

Norm Perrin, storyteller

Kathyrn Shoemaker, author/illustrator

Judith Silverthorne, author

Ted Staunton, author

Alan Cumyn, author

Emil Sher, author

Stacey Matson, author

Erin Bow, author

Beth Goobie, author

Kari-Lynn Winters, author