Book Week Photos: All About the Kids!

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When asked what they’re most looking forward to for Book Week 2018, most of the creators had the same answer: the kids! Here are our favourite photos from presentations over Book Week.


Carey Sookocheff with students at the Nanook School.


Mariella Bertelli storytelling to children in Labrador.


Anne Glover (left) with the strings she uses for storytelling.


Alice Kuipers’ photo of some eager readers and their dog friend!


Sylvia Gunnery and students.


Anna Humphrey and students in Newfoundland.


How can you not love this colourful display to welcome Rina Singh?


Pam Withers and students.


Lori Joy Smith reading to students.


Darren Groth’s welcome sign from students.


Vikki Vansickle reading If I Had a Gryphon to Students


Students with the magical creatures they have drawn based on Vikki Vansickle’s If I Had A Gryphon.


Marina Cohen and students.


Alison Hughes with students in Sarnia.


Marina Cohen and students in Alberta.


Elly MacKay and students in PEI


Darren Groth and Students


Kass Reich reading to a classroom.