Book Week Photos: Tourist Life

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We’ve been looking at a lot of #TDBookWeek photos all week, and we love the tourist shots! You can find some great ones by following the touring creators on social media or by searching #TDBookWeek on social media.

Here are our favourite travel pics from Book Week so far.


Elly MacKay in front of her B&B in PEI- if you look closely you can see the edition of Anne of Green Gables featuring her cover art!


Later on, Elly got to visit Green Gables and Anne makes another appearance!


Jessica Scott Kerrin at Livres Babar.


Vikki Vansickle’s book filled suitcase, ready for Book Week!





Marina Cohen’s photo from Medicine Hat, Alberta.


Snow! Carey Sookocheff’s photo of her morning cafe in Iqaluit.


Joel Sutherland in Whitehorse, Yukon.



Stephanie McLellan overlooking Yellowknife Bay with Book Week coordinator Janine Hoff.






The drive from Whitehorse to Watson Lake, photo by Joel Sutherland.


Rancheria Falls in the Yukon, photo by Joel Sutherland.


Anna Humphrey’s photo from St. John’s Newfoundland!