The Canadian Children’s Book Centre is excited to announce the authors, illustrators and storytellers who will be touring in English during the Canadian Children’s Book Week 2021 (May 1-7, 2022).



Ekiuwa Aire, author Erin Alladin, author
Stephanie Cooke, graphic novelist  Charis Cotter, author
Anita Daher, author Sara Florence Davidson, author
Emma FitzGerald, illustrator Lee Edward Födi, author/illustrator
Kallie George, author Ginalina, author/singer
Isabelle Groc, author/photographer  Michael Hutchinson, author
Jessica Scott Kerrin, author Soyeon Kim, illustrator
Celia Krampien, illustrator  Danica Lorer, storyteller
Rob Malo, storyteller  John Martz, illustrator/cartoonist
Janice Lynn Mather, author Angela Misri, author
Mahtab Narsimhan, author Ruth Ohi, author/illustrator 
Dominique Pelletier, author/illustrator/cartoonist  Lois Peterson, author
Rowena Rae, author Raziel Reid, author
Cory Silverberg, author Karen Spafford-Fitz, author
Todd Stewart, author/illustrator  Gillian Sze, author
Nhung Tran-Davis, author Nancy Vo, author/illustrator
Eric Walters, author