Touring In: Nova Scotia

Craft: Illustrator

Genre: Board Books, Picture Books

Ideal Audience Size: 1 class

Maximum Audience Size: 2-3 classes

Grades: Grades 2-6; teens-adults

Special Equipment:

Large Scale Presentations:

  • Over head projector
  • Microphone (for extra large scale events)
  • White board

Small Scale Presentations:

  • Over head projector
  • White board
  • Drawing tools (enough for all students)
  • Paper (enough for all students)


Presentation Information

Presentation for Grades 2 – 6
(60-90 minutes) *
large-scale audience, multiple classes/gymnasium
Kass Reich’s presentation begins with a story of adventure and just so happens to take place in Beijing. Kass will tell her audience about the six years she spent living and traveling abroad which accidently lead her to a career as an illustrator. The story is funny, inspiring and aims to encourage children to dream big.

Students will be shown examples of the illustrator’s original work to demonstrate what it takes to go from a rough idea to final art.

This program can be adjusted according to the age group of the audience. Younger children will have the chance to engage in some interactive games and activities while older students will be able to explore key topics in greater depth. All levels are encouraged to ask question.

(* additional fees apply for 90 minute sessions)

Presentation/workshop for Grades 2 –6
(60-90 minutes) *
small-scale audience, classroom sized
Kass Reich feels right at home in the classroom because of her background and experience in art education. In a smaller group scenario she loves to start with her story and her process as an illustrator but then move swiftly into a brief yet interactive art lesson.

When it comes to school visits, Kass likes to keep the requirements for these lessons basic, usually paper and drawing tools will do the trick. There’s nothing like hearing an inspiring story of an illustrator followed by the opportunity to be creative yourself!

(* additional fees apply for 90 minute sessions)

Workshop for adults and teens
(most suitable for aspiring artists)
Kass will systematically break down the answers to all her most frequently asked questions. From how to develop your own unique style to keeping motivated, Kass will cover all the important stuff.

Her aim is to be as helpful as possible as it pertains to life in the real world as an artist. To this day she feels there was a serious lack of this type of discussion in art school.


Book List

Dr. Coo and the Pigeon Protest
Written by Sarah Hampson
Illustrated by Kass Reich
(Kids Can Press, April 2018)

Carson Crosses Canada
Written by Linda Bailey
Illustrated by Kass Reich
Tundra Books, 2017

Hamsters on the Go!
Orca Book Publishers, 2016)

Up Hamster Down Hamster
Orca Book Publisher, 2015)

This Little Hamster
(Orca Book Publishers, 2013)

Hamsters Holding Hands
Orca Book Publishers, 2012)



Kass Reich was born in Montreal, Canada. She works as an artist and educator and has spent a majority of the last decade traveling and living abroad. After graduating with a degree in Art Education from Concordia University, she picked up and moved to Beijing where she worked as an early childhood educator for nearly three years. Inspired by her students, she wrote and illustrated her first book, which garnered much success and eventually became a 4 book-series.

After Beijing, she spent time living in Hong Kong, London and Melbourne. In each new city she found work teaching art to everyone from toddlers to adults. Kass has designed curriculum for one of Hong Kong’s most respected art schools and conducted life-drawing classes in the historic South Bank district in London.

Kass Reich’s work as an illustrator has received distinction from multiple Canadian publications, including stared reviews from Publishers Weekly. She is currently working full-time on new projects with Kids Can Press and Penguin Random House.

Today, Kass is happy to be back in Canada. She spends most days in her studio illustrating with a cup of tea in her hand, and her rescue dog at her feet.



Carson Crosses Canada

  • listed as one of the Bestselling books from May 28th to June 3rd 2017 in Canada according to CBC Books

Up Hamster, Down Hamster

Hamsters Holding Hands



“Ms. Reich would be an asset to anyone fortunate enough to have her spend time with their children.”

—Sheila Dunwoodie, Grade 5 Teacher, Margaret Manson Elementary School