Touring In: Ontario

Craft: author

Genre: picture books, junior fiction, YA

Ideal Audience Size: 20-50

Maximum Audience Size: 75

Grades: Kindergarten-Grade 12

Special Equipment: Digital projector and screen for use with Kate’s own laptop. If readings include a workshop, whiteboards will also be needed. Will also need plenty of space to move around, as the reading includes lots of physical play and movement.

Website: www.kateinglis.com

2011-2012 Hackmatack Children’s Choice Award Finalist
2011-2012 Red Cedar Book Award Finalist

Presentation Information

For TD Canadian Children’s Book Week 2017, Kate Inglis will offer a mix of experiences for every grade from primary through to high school.

Kindergarten-Grade 3: Monster Poetry Play
An energetic, highly physical, wild and growly reading of Kate Inglis’ 2016 collection of monster poetry, ‘If I Were A Zombie’. In this hilarious picture book brilliantly illustrated by Eric Orchard, two best friends imagine ordinary life as classic monsters and mythical creatures. What would Evan the Zombie do for the school talent show? Who would Poppy the Muddy Wood Fairy have over for dinner? From an alien with three hundred eyeballs to giants and goblin queens, this outrageously entertaining reading of back-and-forth poems will get kids on their feet, growling and giggling.

Grades 4-8: The Craft Of Story-Making
Inspired by readings from Kate Inglis’ two middle reader novels The Dread Crew and Flight of the Griffons, students will choose new and unexpected story challenges, practicing character, suspense, dialogue, setting, and description. This theatre-inspired workshop starts to dig at what makes a story a page-turner, with physical play to observe the unspoken clues that make stories truly gripping.

Grades 9-12: The Creativity Superpower
Based on Kate Inglis’ novels, students will explore storytelling as a tool to grapple with (or escape from) life. A highly motivational and inspirational experience, Kate’s talk and writing prompts will demystify the ‘us and them’ that falsely separates creators from ‘the rest of us’, encouraging students to develop their own voices. Together, students will practice turning reflection into poetry, prose, or stories, and the art of being a creative circle of mutual cheering, collaboration, and support.

Book List

If I Were A Zombie
Written by Kate Inglis
Illustrated by Eric Orchard
(Nimbus Publishing, 2016)

Flight of the Griffons
Written by Kate Inglis
Illustrated by Sydney Smith
(Nimbus Publishing, 2014)

The Dread Crew: Pirates of the Backwoods
Written by Kate Inglis
Illustrated by Sydney Smith
(Nimbus Publishing, 2009)


Kate Inglis lives along the coast of Nova Scotia, Canada, where she was born. In November 2009 her first novel was published — The Dread Crew: Pirates of the Backwoods, a book January Magazine calls “a spirited tale, gorgeously rendered.” It was illustrated by Governor General award-winning artist Sydney Smith, and was nominated for a Hackmatack Award and a Red Cedar Award. The sequel, Flight of the Griffons, was released in spring 2014. In spring 2016, Kate’s third book was released with Nimbus, illustrated by the brilliant Eric Orchard: If I Were A Zombie—fun-loving monster poetry for 4-8 year olds.

Kate decided to become an author when she was six years old, and has been writing ever since. She is also a professional photographer, full-time writer, and a frequent public speaker and workshop leader. She writes in an old cabin next to a rushing forest creek that empties a few moments down the road into Nova Scotia’s North Atlantic. It’s all wonderfully salty and foggy and misty, just as an old seaside cabin should be.

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The Dread Crew: Pirates of the Backwoods

  • Shortlisted for the 2011-2012 Hackmatack Children’s Choice Award
  • Shortlisted for the 2011-2012 Red Cedar Award

Praise for Kate Inglis

“This author is a MUST-SEE! From the moment Kate Inglis entered our school, she completely captivated students and teachers alike with her boundless energy. She masterfully combined humour and storytelling, enchanting a diverse audience of language learners. A dynamic speaker, Kate has a natural ability to manage large groups and really connect with the kids. We can’t wait to have her back again!”
—Erin O’Prey, Librarian, Halifax Regional School Board

“Kate Inglis is a definite MUST HAVE for any literary festival or school! She brings a generosity of spirit and imagination that will delight anyone lucky enough to work with her. Kate is an excellent presenter who connects beautifully with children. She brings a wonderful energy and enthusiasm to everything she does. She gave her students a once-in-a-lifetime, magical, life-affirming experience.”
— Faith Seltzer, Coordinator, MASC Young Authors Conference, Ottawa

“Sparkling wordplay, drop-dread humour, and unforgettable characters. Kate’s novels are richly imagined, with juicy characters, gobsmackingly fresh language, and tales that are riveting and complex. Her writing is exquisite—never ordinary—and her books have that IT factor, a combination of magic and mystery and lushness. Missy Bullseye oughta rub shoulders with Harry Potter on the world stage. This is not hyperbole. Read these BRILLIANT books. They are among those rare ones.”
—Author Sheree Fitch

“My head burst open and I felt like a sponge, just soaking up ideas! I want to thank you. Kate’s workshop made me feel alive.”
— 12 year-old workshop participant, MASC Young Authors Conference, Ottawa