#TDBookWeek 2019- Starting Out Strong

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TD Canadian Children’s Book Week is finally here! We don’t know about you, but we’ve had our noses to our phones checking the #TDBookWeek posts on Twitter for updates from the creators as they head out.The tour is just starting, but here are some of our favourite photos so far!



Naseem Hrab is on her way to Nunavut!


We love Lee Edward Fodi’s suitcase!


The inside of Lee Edward Fodi’s suitcase. Who would have thought that of everything inside it would be the bookmarks that caused airport security to check inside?
Who ever said author’s weren’t social? Heather Smith made friends with these two in Winnipeg.
Wendy McLeod MacKnight’s view in Saskatchewan.


We love this welcoming display for Sara Leech at Lake Lenore School in Saskatchewan.


Wendy McLeod MacKnight’s outfit is a true work of art! It makes us want to re-read The Frame Up ASAP.