#TDBookWeek Mid Week Photos

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We don’t know about you, but we love looking at photos from TD Book Week! The 28 touring creators are busy giving multiple readings every day, far from their home provinces. Check out some of our favourite photos from the last few days of the tour.


Lee Edward Fodi showing kids the key to Zoone at the Children’s Book Bank in Toronto.


Jodi Carmichael giving a reading to students.


We love this photo of Saskatchewan by Sara Leach!


Nadia L. Hohn at the Strathmore Municipal Library in Alberta!


We love this drawing by Brooke Kerrigan and the students of Juniper, BC!


Check out this welcome sign for Lee Edward Fodi!


Heather Smith at a reading in Manitoba!


We love Marty Chan!


Brooke Kerrigan at a reading.


Shelly Becker and some super kids!


We love this welcome sign for Shelly Becker!


Is this the Paris of Saskatchewan? J’adore Wendy McLeod MacKnight’s photo.


Jacqueline Guest with students in Labrador.